2013  Escape Velocity,LLC incoporated into EV Medtech Co.,Ltd

          Launching Hallufix brand (Germany) #1 Bunion aid splint

          Joining Asia Pacific product training session, Hongkong
2014  Launching Footlogics brand (Australia) #1 Economic orthotics

          Launching Aircast brand (USA) #1 Ankle brace 

          Visting Japan drug store show & Healthcare exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

2015  Launching Veinax brand (France) #1 French compression stocking

           Visiting Medica Exhibition, Germany

2016  Launching BACK posture brand (UK)  which is developed with London Spine Clinic.

           #1 Back Posture solution

           Focusing on Sales expansion.

2017  Launching Backnodger brand (UK), Rollga brand (USA) which is an winner of GSDC innovation award.

           #1 Self-body massager /  #1 cross directional foam-roller

          Joining Asia Pacific Distributor Summit, Bangkok, Thailand

2018  Launching Donjoy Advantage brand (USA) which is the most affordable braces.

          #1 Economic braces in Sports Medicine.

          Visiting CMEF Expo & China Sports Show, Shanghai, China

2019  Launching Bellysleep (USA) enhancing your sleep quality & Plankpad (Germany), app connected device.

          # 1 thin memory pillow / #1 plank & balance fitness device.

          Visiting FIBO Exhibition, Germany & Joining AP product training, Penang, Malaysia.

           EV is THE company still reporting double-digit growth.


We Believe Sustainable Business Partnership Manage the Relationship, Not Just the Deal !

In physics, Escape Velocity is the speed needed to "break free" from a gravitational field without further propulsion. In management, it is the speed & sales that need to go up beyond "break-even point " to forward real profit zone. EV stands for Escape Velocity. 


'EV Medtech Co.,Ltd' is built up for Healthcare/medical device/ Activity industry entrepreneurs & corporations who need business network in NE-Asia, especially starting from South Korea. We all are professionals. We can build up your business from New Business Development to Exclusive Distribution.


EV Medtech 
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